Create 365 – Butterfly Cuff Bracelet

I created this from scraps of ribbon and lace, a vintage shoe clip and a vintage butterfly brooch.  It closes with two white buttons.

Hugs and Smooches,


Coming Soon to ConstantlyAlice on Etsy

I am suuuuper excited to announce that several new lines of bracelets and necklaces I designed and created will be coming to the ConstantlyAlice shop.

A few weeks ago at a yard sale, I purchased a giant bag of dominos.  I had no clue what I was going to do with them, to be honest.  I just like the texture and the sound they make when they clack together 😉

Then, a few days later when I was modge-podging some items onto a little suitcase for my daughter, it struck me that they would be perfect for making jewelry featuring a little piece of art.  I did some searches through etsy’s supplies and discovered that there are lots of beautiful images for use!

I haven’t done a whole lot in the past with jewelry making (beyond a brief stint as an apprentice to a silversmith when I was 14).  In fact, it’s something I just started trying my hand at a few months ago.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was first struck by the idea. I am now in possession of a tiny drill, jewlers hammer and anvil, several different kinds of pliers and wire cutters and millions of beads and images.  The more I create, the more I love it.  I’ve even decided to purchase a soldering iron this weekend and start creating and adding some metal elements to the steampunk line I’m designing!

Here are a few items from the first line – “Sirene” – inspired by my love of the sea.

These items (and a few others in this series) will be listed for sale this weekend, buuuuttt, I will also be running a giveaway on my facebook page once I reach 400 followers with one of the pieces from the line!  (Only 13 more followers to go, so share with your friends!)

Some of the other lines that are in the design stage:

  • Snow White – This line will feature vintage Snow White images with red accent beads (I found some that remind me of shiny little apples 🙂
  • Steam Punk – Octopus, Victorian images, Clock faces, Gears and I will be trying a little metal work with this line..
  • “Zelda” – This line will feature black and white pictures of film actresses from the 1920’s and I purchased vintage black wooden dominos to feature them on.
  • Pin up – Gil Elvgren Pin ups made into playful brooches and bracelets
  • Secret Garden – This line features gorgeous watercolor-style prints of different flora with delicate matching crystal beads and little drop beads shaped like tiny flowers.

I hope to eventually create watercolors of my own design and use them as well.  No two items in the series will be exactly alike!

Hugs and Smooches,

Outfit post – Rainy Day Pseudo PJ’s

We have had 4 days of rain.  FOUR DAYS.  And it doesn’t look to be lightening up anytime soon.  Today, I woke up and didn’t want to get out of my jammies, so I got dressed in the next best thing.  A giant sweater (which I forgot to mention was from Kohls).  Kinda feels like I’m wearing my robe 😉

Hugs and Smooches,

Outfit Post – Tangerine and Green

My curls turned out MUCH better today, though I had different plans for my bangs..  The lovely Casey over at Elegant Musings cut her bangs recently and had created a pinterest board of different ways to wear bangs.  Since my general default is either straight, or pushed to the side when they get too long, I figured I’d give some fun curly bangs a whirl…Fail.  BIG fail.  I looked like a poodle, so I shellacked them to the side.  I think I’ll practice a bit more with different ways of curling them before I debut a new bang look 😉

Hugs and Smooches,